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Summer Travel Deals: Easy as 1-2-3 with Rezopia

It’s that time of the year again!  Summer is here and your travelers are busy booking their trips online.  How are you currently managing these reservations?  With our cloud-based platform, Rezopia, we provide tour operators and other travel providers with key features to make summer promotions management a breeze!

travel software for tour operators

Easy Summer Promotions Management for Tour Operators

What tour operators can do:

– Automate pricing rules for individual or group of products
– Offer discount coupons to customers for online savings.
– Automatically offer lower rates or decrease pricing based on the arrival dates or days.
– Offer really low rates to customers with non-refundable policy.
– Give “member only” discounts on your site.
– Offer free upgrades when a certain package or tour is booked.

Rezopia has many other features that can automate summer promo management and convert visitors to customers quicker.  To find out more about our travel software, visit and request for a demo today!

Rezopia Supplier Extranet: Makes Sense!


  • Web based merchant model application that integrates the business and product suppliers
  • Suppliers can manage their profile online
  • Suppliers to access and modify product content details: text, images, video & maps
  • Suppliers to access and modify product dynamic content: pricing & inventory
  • In-built workflow process to review the content updated by suppliers and publish by the business
  • Reporting capability that includes supplier manifest report
  • Secured access that enables Suppliers to manage their users & their roles.

Rezopia’s Supplier Extranet is a key element of the wider core platform. The tool facilitates for the seamless interaction of authorised, logged in users from a supplier in performing specific activities relating to the remote management of their product details that includes content, pricing & inventory.

Some of the salient features at a glance:

Profile Management

  • View profiles of all users within a given supplier
  • Edit profiles of all users within a given supplier.

Product Setup

  • Suppliers can search, view and edit product content details: text, gallery items such as images, video and maps
  • Increase/Decrease inventory and pricing of all products of the logged in supplier
  • Inventory alterations such as performing bulk updates are easily managed
  • Mark/Un-mark blackout dates


  • Suppliers can view all bookings relating to their products, cancel required bookings and add confirmation numbers to In progress bookings
  • View both Paid and Unpaid bills.

Supplier Requests

  • Allows suppliers to view status of all requests whether approved, disapproved or in pending status which are sent to business admin for any changes.


  • Allows suppliers to generate supplier manifest reports


  • Security settings can be set to for example; restrict a particular supplier from viewing certain policies, conditions, and related/dependent products.
  • Role based access can be assigned. For example; control read and write access to content details, elements and sub element sections.

Thank you for meeting us at TTE London!

On behalf of everyone at Sonata Software, thank you for meeting us at stand T125 and speaking with us about our travel technology solutions.  If you’d like to schedule a demo, please visit and register today!

Here are some of our team photos at TTE.

Sonata Software Team at TTE (L to R - Rakesh, Anterson and Konrad)

Sonata Software Team at TTE

Sonata Team speaking to TTE visitors

Sonata Team speaking to TTE visitors

Five Things to Remember When Marketing to the Next Generation Traveler

The phrase “next gen” is all over the Internet today. These are mainly travelers from 18 to 30 years old and they are changing the way people buy trips and vacation packages. In the travel technology world, everyone claims that they provide the best solution to make selling travel to these “next gen” members as easy as possible.

But what do you really need to consider when looking for a travel management system for the next generation traveler?
Here are the top five items that you should consider when selecting your travel technology:

The next gen travelers are always on the go. They are on their phones, tablets and laptops on their free time. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly – these travelers have very short attention span and they won’t stick around trying to scroll all over the place just so they can find the vacation or hotel that they need.

They are very much “social”. Are your products easily shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites? The more shares you get from the next gen travelers, the more chances you have of getting more potential customers!

The next gen travelers KNOW what they want. These travelers are jumping on the web looking for “specifics”. Gone are the days when they would just take a cookie cutter tour. They are informed travelers and have done some initial research about their trip. How easy can you customize a trip for the customer? Do you have the option for travelers to swap, remove and add optional products to their itinerary right on your website?

They look for reviews. Next gen travelers no longer just rely on what you have to say on your website. They want proof, testimonials, reviews and feedback from your previous customers. Can you easily schedule follow up emails and feedback requests? How quick can you load these reviews on your site?

The next gen traveler wants information fast and easy. Analyze your booking flow and make sure that it is as quick and uncomplicated as can be. No lengthy steps just to find what they need and no complicated checkout forms. Once they click that ‘book now’ button, the conversion should be super easy. No pdf forms to fill out or no “call us for more” information pages. You literally have “seconds” to convert these guys!

Let us help you meet the demands of the next generation travelers. Attend one of our live demos to see what Rezopia has to offer. Register here!

Easy Holiday Travel Promotions through Rezopia

Rezopia Travel Software for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Automate your holiday travel promotions through Rezopia’s powerful tools

2013 is almost over! Holiday travel promotions from various tour operators and travel agencies are now starting to pile up in my Inbox. How are you managing your travel deals?

Rezopia’s Fare Basis feature enhances the pricing and revenue management functionality for our travel supplier and wholesale customers. Travel providers can offer multiple rate types such as advance-purchase fares, Internet only fares, non-refundable discounted fares, and package-only fares. We’ve given a few examples and benefits that the fare basis feature provides below.

Travel Provider Benefits:
– Offer discounts for rooms purchased in advance.
– Offer seasonal discounts to customers.
– Supplement the price for high seasons such as New Year and Christmas.
– Offer really low rates to customers with non-refundable policy.
– Offer discounted rates to members.
– Offer discounts when customers purchase ancillaries along with the hotel room – package rates.

To see the complete list, click here.  To learn more about the fare basis and other features in Rezopia, register for a live demo at

Making it Easy to Book Rail Vacations Online

Recently, I was browsing the web for some rail vacation packages.  I wanted to see how passenger rail companies manage their reservations and how easy it is for a customer to book a trip online. Here are some of the challenges encountered on the several websites that I visited:

  1.  Majority of the sites have no online booking option available.  Some of the sites actually have a “Book Now” button.  The problem?  That leads the customer to a quote request or some other type of inquiry form, and not a checkout page where you can actually pay.  If you cannot book now, why say so?
  2. Eight clicks to get to the checkout page.  Need I say more?  Netizens have the shortest attention and patience span.  Who wants to fill out 8 pages of information before finally booking a trip?  My ideal steps are search, find and book.
  3. PDF brochures are great, but interactive content is better.  I clicked on the rail package name and it started downloading a PDF brochure.  It took a good minute to load all the high resolution images. Instead of the brochure, why not present all the content on a web page and make it more interactive? As a user I would prefer to see the itinerary, images, videos and maps all on one page next to the “Book Now” button..  Have a separate form for requesting brochures if required.
  4. Too many details, too much text on the rules and conditions of the trip.  For example:  *prices not applicable from [this date to that date].  Add $100 per person based on double occupancy; $200 for single for those leaving from point A.  Call us if you need to add transfers. Say what? It would be nice to configure all these rules on the backend so that I just get the results that apply to me or what I am looking for.

These are just some of the frustrations that lead Rezopia to build and offer passenger rail providers the first cloud-based end to end travel management system in the market.  We have built the world’s most advanced and intuitive rail operations system to manage services, schedules, inventory, fares and fare rules enabling rail providers to improve customer service.  Rezopia’s next generation features allow passenger rail providers to create and sell vacation packages easily across multiple distribution channels.  To learn more, visit our Rail Solutions page and register for a demo.

rail vacation package

This is an example of a rail vacation package setup through Rezopia. You can create multiple tabs that include videos, itinerary details and more.

Why Vacation Homes Are Becoming a Hit

Vacation homes are becoming a hit with families with kids. I’ve been hearing friends and family rave about their latest vacation while feeling “at home”.  They rented vacation homes that pretty much catered to their every need.  This may sound like a dream come true, especially for family travelers.  So what exactly did they like?

1.       You Get Much More Space

Vacation homes are typically much more spacious than your average hotel rooms.  The kids have a larger play area and can run around the living room while watching their favorite TV shows

2.        Eat Healthy Food and Save Money While You’re at It

One of the big advantages of vacation homes is the attached kitchen. This is especially great for people with dietary restrictions and small kids. Instead of eating at restaurants all day, you can visit a nearby grocery store and get the fresh ingredients to enjoy a home-cooked meal. This is a handy way to save money.

3.       A Little Bit More Privacy

After a long day of visiting tourist sites, you can unwind by the pool area or the backyard without hearing conversations of other guests next door.  You won’t have to share the pool with others or worry about coming back later when there are less people swimming.

4.        You Can Bring the “Extras”

Screenshot from

How about bringing the bikes for a quick ride at the nearby park?  You can stop by for a picnic or a hike.  How about the dog?  Most homes are pet-friendly, too.

More and more websites are now catering to vacation rental properties.  Sites like HomeAway and VRBO are some that I’ve seen.

5.        Clean Clothes Before Going Home

Most vacation homes come with a washer and dryer.  You can dump the dirty clothes while you take a quick swim at the pool or watch TV with the kids.  How cool is it to have clean clothes when you get home – without paying for laundry services while on vacation?


If you specialize in renting vacation homes or selling packages that include one, see how Rezopia can help you market and sell these fabulous properties online!

Selling Summer Getaways with Rezopia Travel Software

Selling Summer Getaways with Rezopia Travel Software

It’s that time of the year again!  Kids are out of school and every family is busy planning a fun-filled vacation season.  I came across an article by Travel Channel, listing some of their Facebook followers’ favorite summer destinations.

So which vacation spots made the list?

Rezopia Travel Software for Selling Summer Packages

Photography by REUTERS/Ho New (

  • Maine
  • Hawaii
  • Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida
  • Riviera Maya
  • Destin, Florida
  • Dominican Republic
  • Key West
  • San Diego
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Dublin
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • North Carolina
  • Chicago

Selling summer getaways is easy with Rezopia.  You can offer pre-packaged tours or let your customers build their own itinerary.  Our travel software offers extensive options when creating your seasonal travel deals.

Take a look at our travel technology features and benefits and request a demo today!

Using Rezopia to Include Maps and Videos

One of the most common questions I get when doing the demo for Rezopia travel software is how travel providers can integrate maps and videos into their product pages.

There are several reasons why a tour operator, destination specialist or a hotel might want to do this.

1)      Rich and engaging content – While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth two thousand. A 30 second video and good images are far more effective than pages of text describing your property or tour.

2)      Clue on Location – Using an embedded map, your customer can see how far the property is from the nearest airport, or whether the property is within walking distance to restaurants, famous attractions or the beach. You can use a map to route a complete itinerary for a packaged tour.

With Rezopia’s travel software, you can easily embed a Google Map or a YouTube video into the product pages.  Tour operators and travel suppliers can easily post a short clip about the tour or even add a review video that was authorized by the customer for public to see.

Our system is more than just an internet booking engine for hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and suppliers.  Rezopia gives you the flexibility to input your own content so you can offer more value to your customers.

Request a demotoday to see this handy feature in action!

Rezopia Integration with QuickBooks

In the travel industry, we have noticed that several travel providers use QuickBooks accounting system for organizing their finances.

Rezopia Integrates with Quickbooks

Travel Software Integration with Quickbooks

With Rezopia, our travel software comes with an integrated accounting system; however, if our clients prefer to continue using QuickBooks, we also offer a seamless integration from Rezopia into QuickBooks.

Rezopia has a few receptive tour operators who take advantage of such flexibility.  This means quick deployment on their end since they don’t have to manually transfer any data from their existing accounting system to ours.

QuickBooks integration is just one of the many 3rd party connectors that Rezopia provides.  Rezopia clients are also able to interface with GDS systems and wholesalers for access to real time inventory and pricing.  These connections also allow travel providers to combine products together as a package to increase revenue.  For a list of the various third party networks that we connect with, click here.

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