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Using Rezopia to Include Maps and Videos

One of the most common questions I get when doing the demo for Rezopia travel software is how travel providers can integrate maps and videos into their product pages.

There are several reasons why a tour operator, destination specialist or a hotel might want to do this.

1)      Rich and engaging content – While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth two thousand. A 30 second video and good images are far more effective than pages of text describing your property or tour.

2)      Clue on Location – Using an embedded map, your customer can see how far the property is from the nearest airport, or whether the property is within walking distance to restaurants, famous attractions or the beach. You can use a map to route a complete itinerary for a packaged tour.

With Rezopia’s travel software, you can easily embed a Google Map or a YouTube video into the product pages.  Tour operators and travel suppliers can easily post a short clip about the tour or even add a review video that was authorized by the customer for public to see.

Our system is more than just an internet booking engine for hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and suppliers.  Rezopia gives you the flexibility to input your own content so you can offer more value to your customers.

Request a demotoday to see this handy feature in action!

Travel Providers Increasing Revenue through Staycations

Travel Providers Increasing Revenue through Staycations

The word “staycation” has been mentioned frequently since the economy took a downturn.  Staycation simply means to spend a vacation that’s close to home.  I see two major benefits in booking a staycation.  One, I don’t have to worry about flights so it’s cheaper.  Two, it’s a perfect time for me to explore my surrounding cities.  Just for numbers sake, I researched to see if anyone is even searching for this term.  Well, according to Google, there were 27,000 people who were looking for staycations last month.  I thought that wasn’t bad at all.

Here are some tips on how to market staycation packages to increase your revenue.

Travel providers can easily sell staycations through Rezopia.

  1.  Website – add a staycation special for the local residents on your marketing site.  Be sure to include images, videos and any other useful information to entice them in taking a break without spending a fortune.
  2. Advertising on Google – you can create a separate campaign targeting people around your area.  Design an attractive ad and watch the traffic increase!
  3. Facebook Page – don’t forget to announce your Staycation Special on your business page.  You can design a custom page with links to your site so that you can land them straight to your package or deal page.  How about those local friends?  Post the deal on your personal wall too!
  4. Word of Mouth – tell your friends, family and people in the neighborhood about the idea of Staycation and how this might just be the vacation alternative they are looking for.  Give them your business card or flyer, if you have one.
  5. Local Partnerships – look for potential local businesses that might be willing to partner with you on a deal.  For example, why not speak to the local nail salon and offer a staycation for a girls’ night out?  The ideas are endless.

With Rezopia’s travel software, it is easy to package your hotel room with show tickets, restaurant bookings, transfers etc and offer promotions such as “Weekend gateway”, “Hot Winter Escapes” or “Valentine Day Package”. These are just some of the items that you might want to add to your Staycation Specials.  Manage your pricing and apply conditions such as blackout dates, discounted rates and more.

Need a demo of our travel software?  Request one now!

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