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Rezopia Integration with QuickBooks

In the travel industry, we have noticed that several travel providers use QuickBooks accounting system for organizing their finances.

Rezopia Integrates with Quickbooks

Travel Software Integration with Quickbooks

With Rezopia, our travel software comes with an integrated accounting system; however, if our clients prefer to continue using QuickBooks, we also offer a seamless integration from Rezopia into QuickBooks.

Rezopia has a few receptive tour operators who take advantage of such flexibility.  This means quick deployment on their end since they don’t have to manually transfer any data from their existing accounting system to ours.

QuickBooks integration is just one of the many 3rd party connectors that Rezopia provides.  Rezopia clients are also able to interface with GDS systems and wholesalers for access to real time inventory and pricing.  These connections also allow travel providers to combine products together as a package to increase revenue.  For a list of the various third party networks that we connect with, click here.

Packaging Travel Products to Increase Revenue

When Rezopia attended the World Travel Market in London last November, there were quite a few hotel companies that approached us and asked how our travel software can help their businesses grow.

travel software for dynamic packaging

Increase revenue by combining products as a package. (Image from

Travel providers such as hotels can easily combine their product with other travel components and sell this as a package in a single transaction.  Here are just a few examples:

hotel room + roses + wine + romantic bay cruise = Romantic Package

hotel room + tickets to nearby theme park + breakfast on site = Family Package

What if you need to break the package down to multiple room types?  What if you’d like to offer tickets to a broadway show instead of the cruise?  Can customers choose between these two and just pay the difference?  All these can be easily done.  With Rezopia, you can assign substitutable items within a package.  Let them choose the room type, activity and more.  Rezopia also supports ad hoc products so you can sell products on the fly!

With Rezopia’s travel software, all you need is an internet connection to manage your products.  This is a cloud benefit that traditional or legacy systems do not offer.  Within days, you can access our reservation system and new features are consistently rolled out.

If you’d like to see a demo of Rezopia, please visit to register.

Overwhelming Response to Rezopia at WTM

Thank you to all who stopped by the Rezopia booth at the World Travel Market in London!

rezopia at 2011 world travel market

Rezopia's CEO conducting a demo

Our booth, TT180, was part of the New Technology Pavilion.  We were overwhelmed by the response and the great feedback that we received from everyone at the show.   Here are some of comments we heard while giving the demo:

“The system is really easy to navigate.”
“You guys have done an amazing job.”
“You have thought of everything!”
“Wow that is really an ‘end to end’ system!”

A lot of the travel professionals also stopped by to ask what our “cloud-based” travel technology is all about.

Another frequent question that came up from several people was the support for local payment gateway (for credit card processing) in different geographies. We currently support payment gateways in USA, Canada and Australia.  We are also adding UK and rest of Europe. Other geographies are also planned in the next 6 months based on where we sign up new customers.

We will personally get in touch with everyone who stopped by our booth. In the meantime, if you want to sign up for our pre-scheduled demos or free trial access please visit our web site at

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