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Why Vacation Homes Are Becoming a Hit

Vacation homes are becoming a hit with families with kids. I’ve been hearing friends and family rave about their latest vacation while feeling “at home”.  They rented vacation homes that pretty much catered to their every need.  This may sound like a dream come true, especially for family travelers.  So what exactly did they like?

1.       You Get Much More Space

Vacation homes are typically much more spacious than your average hotel rooms.  The kids have a larger play area and can run around the living room while watching their favorite TV shows

2.        Eat Healthy Food and Save Money While You’re at It

One of the big advantages of vacation homes is the attached kitchen. This is especially great for people with dietary restrictions and small kids. Instead of eating at restaurants all day, you can visit a nearby grocery store and get the fresh ingredients to enjoy a home-cooked meal. This is a handy way to save money.

3.       A Little Bit More Privacy

After a long day of visiting tourist sites, you can unwind by the pool area or the backyard without hearing conversations of other guests next door.  You won’t have to share the pool with others or worry about coming back later when there are less people swimming.

4.        You Can Bring the “Extras”

Screenshot from

How about bringing the bikes for a quick ride at the nearby park?  You can stop by for a picnic or a hike.  How about the dog?  Most homes are pet-friendly, too.

More and more websites are now catering to vacation rental properties.  Sites like HomeAway and VRBO are some that I’ve seen.

5.        Clean Clothes Before Going Home

Most vacation homes come with a washer and dryer.  You can dump the dirty clothes while you take a quick swim at the pool or watch TV with the kids.  How cool is it to have clean clothes when you get home – without paying for laundry services while on vacation?


If you specialize in renting vacation homes or selling packages that include one, see how Rezopia can help you market and sell these fabulous properties online!

Packaging Travel Products to Increase Revenue

When Rezopia attended the World Travel Market in London last November, there were quite a few hotel companies that approached us and asked how our travel software can help their businesses grow.

travel software for dynamic packaging

Increase revenue by combining products as a package. (Image from

Travel providers such as hotels can easily combine their product with other travel components and sell this as a package in a single transaction.  Here are just a few examples:

hotel room + roses + wine + romantic bay cruise = Romantic Package

hotel room + tickets to nearby theme park + breakfast on site = Family Package

What if you need to break the package down to multiple room types?  What if you’d like to offer tickets to a broadway show instead of the cruise?  Can customers choose between these two and just pay the difference?  All these can be easily done.  With Rezopia, you can assign substitutable items within a package.  Let them choose the room type, activity and more.  Rezopia also supports ad hoc products so you can sell products on the fly!

With Rezopia’s travel software, all you need is an internet connection to manage your products.  This is a cloud benefit that traditional or legacy systems do not offer.  Within days, you can access our reservation system and new features are consistently rolled out.

If you’d like to see a demo of Rezopia, please visit to register.

Rezopia Launches its New Website

Rezopia Travel Software

Rezopia's New Look

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new corporate web site, The site features our next generation cloud-based travel software and offers a fresh look and feel that is now more focused on Rezopia’s target market and its unmatched features and benefits.

The homepage highlights three major areas (Manage, Sell and Service) showing where Rezopia can make a  difference for tour operators, travel suppliers, destination specialists and online travel agencies.

For potential customers, we now have a simple form, which they can fill to get trial access or demo.  We invite you to visit our web site and provide your feedback!

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