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Selling Summer Getaways with Rezopia Travel Software

Selling Summer Getaways with Rezopia Travel Software

It’s that time of the year again!  Kids are out of school and every family is busy planning a fun-filled vacation season.  I came across an article by Travel Channel, listing some of their Facebook followers’ favorite summer destinations.

So which vacation spots made the list?

Rezopia Travel Software for Selling Summer Packages

Photography by REUTERS/Ho New (

  • Maine
  • Hawaii
  • Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida
  • Riviera Maya
  • Destin, Florida
  • Dominican Republic
  • Key West
  • San Diego
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Dublin
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • North Carolina
  • Chicago

Selling summer getaways is easy with Rezopia.  You can offer pre-packaged tours or let your customers build their own itinerary.  Our travel software offers extensive options when creating your seasonal travel deals.

Take a look at our travel technology features and benefits and request a demo today!

Using Rezopia to Include Maps and Videos

One of the most common questions I get when doing the demo for Rezopia travel software is how travel providers can integrate maps and videos into their product pages.

There are several reasons why a tour operator, destination specialist or a hotel might want to do this.

1)      Rich and engaging content – While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is probably worth two thousand. A 30 second video and good images are far more effective than pages of text describing your property or tour.

2)      Clue on Location – Using an embedded map, your customer can see how far the property is from the nearest airport, or whether the property is within walking distance to restaurants, famous attractions or the beach. You can use a map to route a complete itinerary for a packaged tour.

With Rezopia’s travel software, you can easily embed a Google Map or a YouTube video into the product pages.  Tour operators and travel suppliers can easily post a short clip about the tour or even add a review video that was authorized by the customer for public to see.

Our system is more than just an internet booking engine for hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and suppliers.  Rezopia gives you the flexibility to input your own content so you can offer more value to your customers.

Request a demotoday to see this handy feature in action!

Travel Providers Increasing Revenue through Staycations

Travel Providers Increasing Revenue through Staycations

The word “staycation” has been mentioned frequently since the economy took a downturn.  Staycation simply means to spend a vacation that’s close to home.  I see two major benefits in booking a staycation.  One, I don’t have to worry about flights so it’s cheaper.  Two, it’s a perfect time for me to explore my surrounding cities.  Just for numbers sake, I researched to see if anyone is even searching for this term.  Well, according to Google, there were 27,000 people who were looking for staycations last month.  I thought that wasn’t bad at all.

Here are some tips on how to market staycation packages to increase your revenue.

Travel providers can easily sell staycations through Rezopia.

  1.  Website – add a staycation special for the local residents on your marketing site.  Be sure to include images, videos and any other useful information to entice them in taking a break without spending a fortune.
  2. Advertising on Google – you can create a separate campaign targeting people around your area.  Design an attractive ad and watch the traffic increase!
  3. Facebook Page – don’t forget to announce your Staycation Special on your business page.  You can design a custom page with links to your site so that you can land them straight to your package or deal page.  How about those local friends?  Post the deal on your personal wall too!
  4. Word of Mouth – tell your friends, family and people in the neighborhood about the idea of Staycation and how this might just be the vacation alternative they are looking for.  Give them your business card or flyer, if you have one.
  5. Local Partnerships – look for potential local businesses that might be willing to partner with you on a deal.  For example, why not speak to the local nail salon and offer a staycation for a girls’ night out?  The ideas are endless.

With Rezopia’s travel software, it is easy to package your hotel room with show tickets, restaurant bookings, transfers etc and offer promotions such as “Weekend gateway”, “Hot Winter Escapes” or “Valentine Day Package”. These are just some of the items that you might want to add to your Staycation Specials.  Manage your pricing and apply conditions such as blackout dates, discounted rates and more.

Need a demo of our travel software?  Request one now!

Rezopia Integration with QuickBooks

In the travel industry, we have noticed that several travel providers use QuickBooks accounting system for organizing their finances.

Rezopia Integrates with Quickbooks

Travel Software Integration with Quickbooks

With Rezopia, our travel software comes with an integrated accounting system; however, if our clients prefer to continue using QuickBooks, we also offer a seamless integration from Rezopia into QuickBooks.

Rezopia has a few receptive tour operators who take advantage of such flexibility.  This means quick deployment on their end since they don’t have to manually transfer any data from their existing accounting system to ours.

QuickBooks integration is just one of the many 3rd party connectors that Rezopia provides.  Rezopia clients are also able to interface with GDS systems and wholesalers for access to real time inventory and pricing.  These connections also allow travel providers to combine products together as a package to increase revenue.  For a list of the various third party networks that we connect with, click here.

Packaging Travel Products to Increase Revenue

When Rezopia attended the World Travel Market in London last November, there were quite a few hotel companies that approached us and asked how our travel software can help their businesses grow.

travel software for dynamic packaging

Increase revenue by combining products as a package. (Image from

Travel providers such as hotels can easily combine their product with other travel components and sell this as a package in a single transaction.  Here are just a few examples:

hotel room + roses + wine + romantic bay cruise = Romantic Package

hotel room + tickets to nearby theme park + breakfast on site = Family Package

What if you need to break the package down to multiple room types?  What if you’d like to offer tickets to a broadway show instead of the cruise?  Can customers choose between these two and just pay the difference?  All these can be easily done.  With Rezopia, you can assign substitutable items within a package.  Let them choose the room type, activity and more.  Rezopia also supports ad hoc products so you can sell products on the fly!

With Rezopia’s travel software, all you need is an internet connection to manage your products.  This is a cloud benefit that traditional or legacy systems do not offer.  Within days, you can access our reservation system and new features are consistently rolled out.

If you’d like to see a demo of Rezopia, please visit to register.

Overwhelming Response to Rezopia at WTM

Thank you to all who stopped by the Rezopia booth at the World Travel Market in London!

rezopia at 2011 world travel market

Rezopia's CEO conducting a demo

Our booth, TT180, was part of the New Technology Pavilion.  We were overwhelmed by the response and the great feedback that we received from everyone at the show.   Here are some of comments we heard while giving the demo:

“The system is really easy to navigate.”
“You guys have done an amazing job.”
“You have thought of everything!”
“Wow that is really an ‘end to end’ system!”

A lot of the travel professionals also stopped by to ask what our “cloud-based” travel technology is all about.

Another frequent question that came up from several people was the support for local payment gateway (for credit card processing) in different geographies. We currently support payment gateways in USA, Canada and Australia.  We are also adding UK and rest of Europe. Other geographies are also planned in the next 6 months based on where we sign up new customers.

We will personally get in touch with everyone who stopped by our booth. In the meantime, if you want to sign up for our pre-scheduled demos or free trial access please visit our web site at

Rezopia Launches its New Website

Rezopia Travel Software

Rezopia's New Look

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new corporate web site, The site features our next generation cloud-based travel software and offers a fresh look and feel that is now more focused on Rezopia’s target market and its unmatched features and benefits.

The homepage highlights three major areas (Manage, Sell and Service) showing where Rezopia can make a  difference for tour operators, travel suppliers, destination specialists and online travel agencies.

For potential customers, we now have a simple form, which they can fill to get trial access or demo.  We invite you to visit our web site and provide your feedback!

Top 10 Website Marketing Ideas for Travel Providers

Having an attractive website these days may not be enough to get the traffic and conversions you want from online consumers.  We have gathered a few tips on how to attract more avid travelers to your site and encourage them to book a memorable trip with you.

Website Traffic for Travel

Get returning traffic to your travel website.

  1. If you haven’t done it yet, create a Facebook page.  Also view our post on using Facebook to gain more clients.
  2. Make it easy for your visitors.  Users must be able to find what they are looking for in 2 or 3 clicks max.  Too much text might just overwhelm them.
  3. Try advertising on Google and Yahoo through pay per click. Advertise your specials, packages and seasonal promotions.
  4. Create short video clips and post them on YouTube.  It could be about a specific destination including the hottest attractions there.
  5. Make the cash incentives very visible on the site.  Instantly let the visitors know how much they can save or which promo code to use.
  6. Provide a live chat option.  If you just want to test this out, you can embed a free chat window on your site from providers such as ChatwingDigsby or Plugoo.
  7. Check if you are locally listed on Google Places.
  8. Try creating sections for each of your target customers.  Examples include families, couple, groups, students, girlfriend getaway, etc.  Rezopia lets you assign a page name, keywords and description for each specific package on your site for better search engine visibility.
  9. Get listed on relevant directories based on your niche for extra visibility and cross linking.  Also try local business directories such as:
    1. Yahoo Local
    2. Merchant Circle
    3. Insider Pages
    4. Hotfrog

10.  And last but not least, you need track your efforts.  Here are some tools that you can use to monitor where your visitors are coming from and what they are looking at.  This way, you can customize your website offerings according to the kind of traffic you get.  For example, if you notice that your visitors mostly come from Facebook, try advertising there or get more people to “Like” your page by creating a promo.  A few tools are:

  • Online Reputation Management Tools – see this article

It also doesn’t hurt to check what the competition is doing.  You can also look at some of your favorite websites and see what makes you come back to them each time.  Do they offer travel guides?  Can you check the local weather from their sites?  These should give you more ideas on how to effectively drive traffic to your travel website and keep it coming back.  Good luck!

Travel Providers Keeping Up with Online Reputation

There have been several discussions on how online travel reviews and reputation are creating a huge impact on people’s travel plans. A couple of articles from Brian Payea, head of industry relations at TripAdvisor, address this hot topic.

It is important that travel providers monitor their brand online and address any comments (positive or negative) in a timely manner.  Here are some reasons why:

Influence – Public review sites such as TripAdvisor and Social networks such as Facebook are having a significant influence on a person’s travel plans. If a friend posts great comments and photos of a hotel or a tourist attraction, the person is likely go there too if he/she is visiting the area.  Sometimes, it could even push the person to add this destination to their “must visit” list.  While it might technically not be possible to monitor conversations happening on the social network site, you at least want to monitor what folks are talking about on the public review sites.

Create a communication channel with your reviewers – Not all posts on the public review sites are going to be positive. There will be customers who will complain if they receive poor service. Instead of simply ignoring the comments, use this as an opportunity to create a communication channel with your customers. Knowing that their concerns are being addressed and taken care of will most likely increase the positive feedback you receive online.
Image provided by

Here are also some numbers gathered by TripAdvisor on a recent survey:

“71% of the travelers surveyed said that seeing a management response to reviews by an official hotel representative is important to them.”

“Sixty-eight percent of travelers said that it they were considering two comparable properties, the presence of management responses on one would sway them in its favor.”

Get ahead of your Competition – In spite of travel being the number one industry that people are generating reviews for; there are still very few travel providers who are monitoring what is being said about them and responding in an effective manner. If you start doing this today, it is likely that you are already well ahead of your competition.

If you need more information on online reputation management (ORM), visit Wikipedia for an overview.

There are several tools in the market, which can help monitor your online reputation. Google recently launched one called “Me on the Web“.  There are also other tools suggested in Sitepoint’s article grouped by source that you’d like to track – blogs, tweets, referring sites and others.

Good luck!

London Riots and Its Impact with Travel

It isn’t easy to see the news every morning the past couple of days.   The headlines show angry people ruining the streets of London, including stealing food and other valuables from business establishments.  Not only is this a scary situation for the citizens but for its country’s image as a whole.


London riots could affect the UK travel industry (photo by

With the London Olympics less than a year away, how will the country pull a “travel-friendly” message?  There is an article written by Kevin May of Tnooz that discusses how a group of London travel experts are combining their powers to keep promoting their country amidst all of the chaos.  The writers are bloggers that excel in their chosen field – food, culture, destinations and more.

If you initially planned on attending the 2012 Olympics, would you still go?  Again, social media has become a very powerful tool for people to  hare their views and opinions especially with an issue as huge as this.  London’s image has definitely been damaged after the global shock from the riots, causing serious concerns for those who are supposed to take part at the next Olympics.By now, travel destination specialists are just likely to expect decreased reservations to London and surrounding areas.  Will this event also force our friends in travel to offer cheaper packages?

We at Rezopia are with those who are hoping for peace and resolution, not only for London and its citizens, but most especially for our friends offering travel in London, who are praying that the chaos ends so that travel lovers are again able to enjoy what London has to offer.

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